Rubber Band Powered Airplanes
Rubber band powered airplanes have been around for a long time. By winding a rubber band tightly which is attached to a propeller the airplane model is propelled through the air, sometimes for great distances, at other times to perform aerobatic maneuvers as you adjust the various tabs on the model.

One of the best ways to start is with the Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines (Klutz). nexpensive in book form, simply cut out, assemble and fly the rubber band powered paper airplanes like the one in this video:

Next, explore this great selection of rubber band powered airplanes offered by Whitewings, the world leader in rubber band powered model airplanes, foam model airplanes and paper airplane models.

Be sure and see the video on the rubber band float plane on the Whitewings Seaplane Rubber Band Airplanes page - it's pretty cool! Whether you are looking for a school project, a family project or just want to have fun, one of these models is sure to tickle your fancy.

Whitewings Seaplane Rubber Band Powered Airplanes
Two rubber band powered foam model airplanes that can land on water or land. With excellent flying characteristics and ease of construction the rubber bands are wound with a powerful hand rubber band winder (2-AA battery powered - batteries not included).

Wind one up today and fly it on and off water!


Giant Wright Flyer Rubbber Band Powered Model
On December 17th, 1903 the Wright Brothers accomplished the first manned powered flight which lasted a mere 12 seconds and covered 120 feet. Subsequent flights remained aloft longer, and covered greater distances as the Wright brothers gained flight experience.

This rubber band powered model airplane has two propellers, a 20" wingspan and includes a powerful hand-held battery powered (4-AA batteries required - not included) and has excellent flying performance.

Orig.: $50.00
Sale: $45.00

Whitewings Sky Ryder Power Props
This kit includes 3 rubber band powered powerful prop airplanes and has an electric winder (2-AA batteries required - not included) for winding the powerful rubber band that powers the propeller. This electric winder allows for quick launch and recovery enabling many flights of over 300 feet, or the performance of complex aerobatic maneuvers with proper adjustment of the flight tabs.


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