Foam Airplane Gliders

Here you will find a selection of high quality Whitewings foam airplane gliders sure to bring hours of pleasure to kids of all ages. Designed by AG Industries, these foam airplane models are easy to assemble and fly, and make a great project for school or family.

Whether you choose the historic Wright Flyer, an exact replica of the one the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk back in 1903, or one of the modern American jet fighters like the F/A-18 "Hornet" the U.S. Navy flies, you are sure to appreciate the quality and flying characteristics of the model.

Don't hesitate - purchase one for yourself today!

Whitewings Mini-Wright Flyer Foam Model Airplane
This easy-to-assemble, durable foam model airplane reproduction of the famous "Wright Flyer" is a great project for school and anyone age 8 or older.

Orig.: $10.00
Sale: $9.00

Whitewings "Sky Dominators" Foam Model Airplanes
This 6 foam model airplane kit includes models of some of the best airplanes ever flown. Each foam airplane model is made of sturdy foam parts, and are capable of flights of over 300'. Strong and durable, each model can be flown over and over again as you master the characteristics of flight.


Whitewings F/A-18 "Hornet" Foam Model Airplane
A realistic foam model airplane based upon the famous "Blue Angels" F/A-18 "Hornet" aircraft, and which is easy to assemble, durable and can easily be flown over 100 yards.

No tools or glue are required for assembly.


Whitewings Space Shuttle Foam Model Airplane
Whitewings foam model airplane Space Shuttle capable of multiple flights of over 100 yards. Easy to assemble, requires no glue or special tools, and durable construction allows multliple flights.


Whitewings U.S. Dominator Foam Model Airplane
Properly named, the "U.S. Dominator" rules the sky. With it's very unique maneuverability it has few equals. Modeled on the famous North American P-51D this realistic looking foam airplane model will please the kid in everyone.


Whitewings "Jungle Talon" Foam Model Airplane
This realistic foam airplane model replica of the F-16 is made of sturdy foam and is capable of multiple flights of over 100 yards!


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